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Winter Sister Local Wool Yarn

Winter Sister Local Wool Yarn

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From Winter Sister Farm in Sebastopol, this Jacob sheep yarn was spun at Valley Oak Wool and Fiber Mill in Woodland, CA into a luscious and natural (no dyes) Worsted / Aran weight yarn. Each skein weights 4 ounces and has approximately 200 yards.

A note about their sheep:

"We raise a small flock of Jacob sheep for meat, fiber, and land management. Jacobs are an heirloom breed known for their distinctive spotting, 2-4 horns, and soft wool ideal for handspinning and other fiber projects. In winter and spring, we move them daily or every other day, to graze green pasture to sequester carbon in the soil. In the summer and fall they graze larger sections of dry pasture, eating and trampling down the grass residue (reducing fire risk), with their diet supplemented by no-spray hay."

Colors shown in order: Oatmeal, Natural, Dark Brown, Light Brown

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