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Toft Mini Crochet Kit-Mini Gregor the T-Rex

Toft Mini Crochet Kit-Mini Gregor the T-Rex

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Gregor the T-Rex is one of TOFT's most popular dinosaurs in the menagerie and is the perfect easy-to-crochet gift for any dino fans in your life. This woolly version of the extinct dinosaur is much smaller and more cuddly than its prehistoric counterpart, which stood at around 12 feet tall and 40 feet long! Did you know that Tyrannosaurus Rex means 'king of the tyrant lizards'?


  • 25g of TOFT's luxury DK pure wool in the color Lime
  • A length of black thread for the eyes
  • A soft grip 3mm TOFT crochet hook
  • Wool needle
  • Premium polyester toy stuffing
  • Pattern postcard
  • Getting started crochet advice leaflet with links to our 'how to' YouTube videos

MEASUREMENTS: When finished and in the sitting position your animal will be approximately 8cm tall.

SKILL LEVEL: 2 - Easy.

IT WILL TAKE: Approximately 1-5 hours crochet time.

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