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Toft Crochet Kit- Lisa the Black Nosed Sheep

Toft Crochet Kit- Lisa the Black Nosed Sheep

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Dubbed as the cutest sheep in the world, the Valais Blacknose Sheep are a docile and friendly breed, making them great to keep as pets! With their characteristic droopy ears, and fluffy white fleeces, they are irresistible in real-life and crochet form. Lisa is a cute crochet animal project who forms part of our Edward's Menagerie collection and is a welcome member of the TOFT crochet sheep herd.


  • 75g of super soft pure wool DK in Cream
  • 25g of super soft pure wool DK in Black
  • A soft grip 3mm TOFT crochet hook
  • Hi-loft polyester toy stuffing
  • Wool needle for sewing up at the end
  • A length of black thread for the eyes and nose
  • Postcard pattern with instructions for making your animal
  • Getting started crochet advice and links to our ‘how to’ YouTube videos

MEASUREMENTS: When finished your animal will be approximately 29cm from feet to top of head.

SKILL LEVEL 2: This kit is suitable for enthusiastic beginners or those who have done crochet in the past.

IT WILL TAKE: approximately 5-10 hours of crochet time.

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