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Sashiko Coaster Collection

Sashiko Coaster Collection

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The Sashiko Coaster Collection features traditional Japanese designs on 5 coasters to make a distinctive statement on your dining table. There are 5 different tsumugi, shot cotton cloth colours to choose from.  
Following the stencilled lines on the muslin, your sashiko stitches will define the image. The cloth is then washed to reveal the design clear of the stencilled lines. 

They can be used as coasters or to make placemats, cushions, bags or a table runner. 

Please note: These coasters are available with English instructions, including diagrams and images that are very easy to follow.

100% Tsumugi Cotton

Cloth size: 6" X 26.5" - Makes 5 pieces - 4" X 4".  

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