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Potholder Loops- 8" (pro)

Potholder Loops- 8" (pro)

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Made by Friendly Loom these traditional size cotton potholder loops are custom-sized to fit their 10" Potholder Pro Loom.
Here's what they say about their loops: 
"Our loops are made from recycled cotton yarn. The yarn we use to spin into loops is recycled from fabric waste. Weaving with cotton loops means they’re nice to the touch, it’s therapeutic to weave, and your potholders look amazing!

Potholders made with our loops are heat safe. Because they’re cotton, they’re actually useful – they can handle heat and won’t melt! Are they dirty with food stains? No problem! Wash them and hang them to dry. Proudly made in the USA. We take pride in making and packaging great quality products right here in the USA. This also ensures that our workers earn a living wage."

Rainbow packs include: Turquoise, Blue, Plum, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Green

Earthtones packs include: Chocolate, Burgundy, Spice, Ochre, Leaf, Willow, Pine,

Botanical packs include: Daffodil, Tiger Lily, Robin’s Egg, Powder blue, Hydrangea, Lavender, Carnation

Neutrals packs include: White, Winter White, Flax, Autumn, Silver, Pewter, Dark Navy, Black

Bright holiday packs include: red, white, green

(Ages 6+)

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