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Magic Stitch Kit

Magic Stitch Kit

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A brilliant kit with everything you need to get your hand embroidery started. This process is so fun and easy. Simply trace or draw your design on the paper, then stick it onto your fabric. You can embroider right through the fabric and when you’re finished the fabric washes away with water, leaving your embroidery pattern just how you want it!


  • Water soluble adhesive embroidery paper ....The magic ingredient!
  • Petra Boase designs template sheet Embroidery needle x 1
  • 5" Bamboo Embroidery Hoop
  • Water erasable fabric marker pen
  • 100% Cotton Embroidery Threads/Floss
  • Instruction card and inspiration sheet

Packed in a clear bag. This is your on the go, go slow‚ creative hand embroidery kit, with all you need to start customising your wardrobe! So dig out your denim, sweatshirt or well worn pumps, it‚ time to get stitching!

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