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LYKKE Naturale Interchangeable Set 3.5"

LYKKE Naturale Interchangeable Set 3.5"

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Experience the perfect balance between design and craftsmanship with the luxurious LYKKE Naturale 9cm (3.5") Interchangeable Needle Set. Boasting natural birchwood, these needles move delicately across the yarn, offering a cosy and delightful sensation. Enjoy the charm of quality materials from our friends at LYKKE. 

I'm a big hat knitter, so the 9cm (3.5") set is well-used and loved. It's not limited to just hats; of course, it's also great for other projects. Elegantly housed in a beautiful canvas case, the set comes with nine pairs of Naturale birchwood needles: 

  • US 3 - US 10.5

Also included are the following:  

  • 2 cords for 40cm (16")
  • 1 cord for 50cm (20")
  • 1 cord for 60cm (24")
  • 2 connectors
  • 4 keys
  • 8 stoppers 
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