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Knitters Pride Ginger Short Interchangeable Set

Knitters Pride Ginger Short Interchangeable Set

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Ginger needles have perfect points, and are made from the same birchwood you love in their Dreamz collection. This set is made up of their "special" tips which are 4" long instead of the standard 5". These short tips make 16" & 20" circular needles for small diameter circular projects like hats and sleeves.

The case made from premium quality denim and beige finish material - the most usable needle case - includes a pattern holder. Needle sizes US 3 - 17 to cover all yarn weights, 2 each of cords in lengths 16" & 24". Also includes:

- Twenty stitch markers in two sizes and shapes, 8 end caps

- Matching Pen to mark your pattern row

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