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Knitter's Pride Ginger DPN Set

Knitter's Pride Ginger DPN Set

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The Ginger double pointed needle set contains 12 popular sizes of double point needles (5 needles per size). This is the ideal set for a variety of knit-in-the-round projects. The entire set comes packaged in a faux leather case along with a needle gauge.

Ginger double pointed needles come in a richly colored warm laminated birchwood that has a traditional look and feel. The tapered points are smoothly honed to perfection for easy knitting and stitch pick ups, too!


Set of 12 sizes of Ginger Double Pointed Needles (5 needles each) packed in a premium needle case in denim & beige finish.


  • 20 Linea stitch markers
  • 1 Needle gauge
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