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Hedgehog Fibres Tweedy

Hedgehog Fibres Tweedy

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 From Hedgehog Fibres: "A DK weight, tweed yarn and the colored bits are our own hand-dyed waste - the ties that we take off the hand dyed skeins. We save them very diligently and it's a total labour of love!

We have been collecting the ties for a while and I finally found a mill that could process these, which means re-carding them, blending and spinning into yarn again.

We are always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and to minimize waste. On top of our thread waste we are using recycled wool, making 50% of the total content recycled. I love the result! It's soft, yet wooly. Not superwash and it blooms beautifully after washing."

252 Yards/100g

50% Falkland Merino Wool
37.5% Recycled wool
12.5% Thread waste

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