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Doodle Decks

Doodle Decks

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THE DOODLE DECK is your favorite new portable colorwork stitch dictionary!

The ultimate way to inspire creative colorwork. Use these flexible mix-and-match chart cards to visually re-arrange and design the perfect colorwork pattern from start to finish.

Choose your construction method, choose your charts, choose your order/colors, and start knitting!

The Basic Doodle Deck includes simple, geometric motifs that work with any theme! It’s great “companion set” to any other Doodle Deck. This beginner-friendly deck focuses on designs with short floats that are easy to memorize, making it ideal to get started!

The Spring Doodle Deck includes beautiful floral motifs that let you play with color! They include both large and small motifs of flowers, vines, and insects that work well with small amounts of yarn!

The Autumn Doodle Deck combines cozy fall and spooky Halloween motifs. The charts are fun and festive and will get you ready for your next pumpkin spice latte! Try focusing on just fall or just Halloween to play with how the motifs work together!

The Summer Doodle Deck evokes the PNW summer with trips to the coast and hiking in the mountains. The charts are full of tons of sea creatures, long sandy beaches, mountains, rivers, and evergreen trees. 

The Winter Doodle Deck is full of festive cheer! The charts are a mix of sparkling snowflakes on cozy winter nights and fun and jolly holiday gifts. Create gifts for the whole family using these playful winter colorwork motifs!

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