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Daruma Sashiko Sampler

Daruma Sashiko Sampler

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DARUMA's Sashiko Sampler patterns are printed on durable kitchen cloth fabric (sarashi) and can be washed off after finishing. In other words, DO NOT WASH OR STEAM until you finish stitching or you will lose your pattern.

Sashiko napkins have been one of the most common forms of Japanese craftstitching elaborate patterns on daily-use kitchen cloths. The simple running stitch patterns not only make the fabric beautiful and special but also make it more durable. Use it for cooking first, then for wiping a dining table, and then in the end, for cleaning the entire house.

Material: 100% Cotton
Size: 12⅕" x 12⅕" (31cm x 31cm)
Made in Japan

Just one Sashiko Thread (thin)card is enough to complete a sampler.

Sashiko Needles are sold here.

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