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Amano Apu

Amano Apu

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Apu in Quechua (the native language of the Incas) means Mountain God. The Incas believed that the highest mountains of the Andes were extensions of the Earth Goddess (Pachamama) and places separated for the most sacred rituals. For the Incas the finest alpaca textiles were comparable in value to gold and the finest jewelry. For Amano, Apu represents a gift from the Gods, the finest alpaca in the world.

Imperial Alpaca (17 mic) sorted and dehaired by hand and presented in its most natural state, raw white.

Weight: Sport

Length: 109 yards | 100 meters

Yarn Weight: 25 grams 

Fiber Content: 100% Imperial Alapca

Gauge: 6.25 sts per inch on a US 4

Ply: plied

Washing Instructions: Hand wash cold on gentle cycle, dry flat

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