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Natural Dye Kit - Silk Bundle Dye Scarf

Natural Dye Kit - Silk Bundle Dye Scarf

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If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand a natural dyeing then these kits are perfect to get you started! Learn the fascinating technique of Bundle Dyeing on silk with this at home kit.

Bundle dyeing also known as eco printing is the process of using dyestuff to print a design onto fibres. You lay your fabric out and then you place your plants flowers, leaves, foliage, extracts or food waste directly on the fabric. You roll it up on itself forming a “bundle” then place it in a steamer over hot water for an hour. You use the steam from the boiling water below to extract the natural colour. What’s actually happening is the dyestuff is releasing its natural pigments and staining the fabric, leaving imprints directly on the fabric where each of the ingredients has touched the fabric.

Each kit comes with all the ingredients needed to produce a one of a kind eco printed scarf. There is enough ingredients within this kit to dye the equivalent of at least another 4 more scarves should you wish.

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